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States with the Highest Income Inequality Experienced a Larger Number of COVID-19 Deaths
Journal of General Internal Medicine
Researchers from UCLA conducted an analysis of state income inequality data and data on COVID-19 cases and deaths...

Unemployment Rate is Higher Than Officially Recorded
Pew Research Center
The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that the U.S. unemployment rate stood at 13 percent in May; however...

The Risks Children Face During the Pandemic
United States Census Bureau
Households with children continue to be hit harder by the financial pressures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic...

Report highlights 8 ways to help Ohio farmers while shoring up state's food supply
News 5 Cleveland
CLEVELAND — Amid a pandemic that has only heightened food insecurity in communities across the state, food and farm organizations came ...

Pandemic Nutrition And Food Insecurity
WILL News - Illinois Public Media
The American Academy of Pediatrics wrote that 'school closures have had a substantial impact on food security and physical activity for children and ...

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Government, nonprofits working to prevent wave of evictions in Cleveland
Graham Bowman, attorney with the Ohio Poverty Law Center, says local rental-assistance programs like those in Cleveland and Cuyahoga County ...

Number of People in Families with Below-Poverty Earnings Has Soared
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
About 75 million non-elderly individuals lived in families with combined weekly earnings below the poverty line in May...

Poorest Americans Have the Most Difficulty Accessing Stimulus Checks
Spotlight on Poverty & Opportunity
Many individuals who would benefit most from the government issued coronavirus relief payment have struggled to receive their checks.

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More Ohio families living below poverty while surviving coronavirus pandemic
News 5 Cleveland
While it's too soon to know the exact impact of COVID-19 on Ohio's poverty rate, the coalition's Executive Director Philip Cole says more families are ...

VA Partnership Targets Food Security, Social Determinants of Health
Food security is a key social determinant of health that not only affects ... is the program manager for diabetes self0education at the Northeast Ohio VA ...

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For many who lost jobs in the coronavirus epidemic, hunger comes with shame
The Washington Post
Thirty percent of American households where people have lost income because of the virus have missed meals or relied on food handouts.

Poverty likely to increase as low-income households hit hardest by the COVID-19 economic crisis
American Enterprise Institute
...evidence is mounting that America’s lowest-income workers are enduring the worst of the economic fallout from COVID-19...

Policy Matters Ohio: Coalition Calls on DeWine to Streamline Economic Supports for Ohioans
Insurance News Net
Ohio must do more to support the basic health, food security, and safety of Ohioans during this difficult time. The Ohio Department of Job and Family ...

Food Insecurity in America Is Cutting Childhoods Short. Here's Where It's Affecting Kids the Most
Save the Children
Among the nation's poorest counties, alarmingly large numbers of children miss meals and go to bed hungry on a regular basis. And while we know this ...

Ohio lawmakers propose resolution declaring racism a public health crisis — here's what it would do
News 5 Cleveland
Income, education, family, housing, food security, housing, community and transportation, Crawley said. The legislation would also encourage state ...

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Parma Hunger Center continues helping Parma residents in need: Sun Postings
PARMA, Ohio – For more than 50 years, Parma Lutheran Church has sponsored a hunger ministry. What began as a small-scale operation at the ...

How Covid-19 Is Impacting Food Insecurity For Older Adults
According to the Feeding America website, "In 2018, 14.3 million American households were food insecure with limited or uncertain access to enough ...

People are going to go hungry: pandemic effects could leave 54m Americans without food
The Guardian
America's food insecurity crisis was dire even before the Covid-19 pandemic, when at least 37 million people lived in households without adequate ...

House signs off on driver's license fee amnesty program
The Center Square
The Ohio Poverty Law Center, the Ohio Bar Association and the ACLU of Ohio were among the organizations that spoke in favor of the bill as lawmakers ...

Food Insecurity Didn't Start With COVID—But It's Time to End It
Ms. Magazine
The U.S. is facing a dangerous reality of food scarcity in America during, and largely due to, the COVID-19 pandemic. Thirty to 40 percent of ...

Free training program goes virtual to helps teens, young adults get to work in Cuyahoga County
News 5 Cleveland
We needed to figure out a way to serve the young people because poverty doesn't stop, said Marcus Harris, credential training manager at Y.O.U..

The Current State of Food Insecurity in America
National Institute for Health Care Management
This infographic explores the current state of food insecurity in America. Prior to COVID-19, it was estimated that 1 in 9 people in the US were food insecure and lacked consistent access to enough food and nutritious options.

Traveling Food Pantry Provides 500 Meals in Warren
WARREN, Ohio – As stay-at-home restrictions life and Ohio takes steps ... He called child hunger "the epicenter of hunger" in the area and credited the ...

CARES Act Money for K-12 Could Be Diverted Away From Those Needing It Most
Spectrum News 1
OHIO — Money intended for some of the poorest students in grades K-12 may not ... That formula determines aid for Ohio children living in poverty.

Congress Created Emergency Program To Combat Child Hunger, But Only 15% Have Been Helped
Kaiser Health News
But as of mid-May only 12 states sent eligible families money and only two had completed the process. Meanwhile, experts warn about a global hunger ...

City of South Euclid giving away gift cards to help residents struggling with food insecurity
News 5 Cleveland
It's all part of the South Euclid United Together Food Insecurity Response Fund. It's aimed to help anyone having trouble paying their bills during the ...

A tale of two states: Ohio and New York take different paths to budget cuts for schools
Chalkbeat Colorado
Ohio offers a stark contrast to New York, where a recently passed state budget disproportionately cut from high-poverty school districts. Together, the ...

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Central State Athletics Partners with Cleveland Food Bank
HBCU Gameday (press release) (blog)
WILBERFORCE, Ohio – Central State has joined the Greater Cleveland Food Bank in the fight against hunger by starting a Virtual Food Drive. Led by ...

Cleveland coach Stefanski, Browns legend Kosar offering 'All In Challenge'
... offering a major peak behind the curtain in Cleveland, and it's all in an effort to help those battling food insecurity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Number Of Food Insecure Households More Than Doubles As Food Banks Struggle
Food insecurity is also emotional, and the source of a significant amount of familial stress. For both adults and children, the fear associated with not ...

Will Coronavirus Spike The Rate Of Poverty In Retirement?
According to the report, an estimated three million more people will fall into poverty during retirement after the coronavirus recession than would have ...

More American children could go hungry during pandemic
News 5 Cleveland
This pandemic continues to impact the lives and livelihoods of our neighbors nationwide, putting millions of additional people at risk of hunger while ...

With schools closed, we must make sure kids have enough to eat: Will Petrik
Child hunger has increased five-fold compared to before COVID-19. ... That's why local schools and food banks in Cleveland and across the state are ...

Record levels of food insecurity in the US because of COVID-19
We have not seen food insecurity reach these levels for the length of time that food insecurity has been measured. Some of the biggest increases are ...

Feeding America Study Finds Senior Food Insecurity Has Yet To Reach Pre-Recession Levels
PRNewswire (press release)
Food-insecure seniors live in communities across the country, including all 50 states and Washington, D.C. In 2018, senior food insecurity rates at the ...

The COVID-19 crisis has already left too many children hungry in America
The Brookings Institution
17.4 percent of mothers with children ages 12 and under reported that since the pandemic started, the children in their households were not eating enough because they just couldn’t afford enough food.

Report: COVID-19 Spells Poverty for 3.1 Million Retirees
Poverty rates for middle-income workers will increase from 38% to 42%, representing an additional 1.1 million people experiencing "downward mobility" ...

Addressing hunger disparities saves lives and money
The Hill
These essential programs — including SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) — prevent families from going hungry when over 36 ...

Ohio becomes one of 13 states to allow shoppers to use SNAP benefits to purchase groceries online
News 5 Cleveland
Marcia Fudge (OH-11). "SNAP is our nation's first line of defense against hunger. Yet for many who rely on the program, it may be difficult or ...

What It Tastes Like to Eat What You Want for the First Time
Talk Poverty
All my childhood grocery shopping memories center on being poor: Walking 10 minutes from our two-bedroom home in the Malden Housing Authority’s projects to the local Stop & Shop and filling the cart with juice, eggs, and bologna.

Nonprofit Not Letting Pandemic Stop Growth of Food and Futures
Spectrum News 1
Nonprofit Not Letting Pandemic Stop Growth of Food and Futures ... CLEVELAND, Ohio — With school out of session, it makes it a lot harder for many ... our economy even further, is that food insecurity is at an all time high," she said.

Cuyahoga Community College to offer Workforce Success Seminar this summer
On Monday, Cuyahoga Community College announced that this upcoming summer it plans to expand community ... Tri-C Access Centers debuted in 2019 to bring education and job training to neighborhoods gripped by poverty.

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Grocery shopping alternatives are great, unless you have SNAP
The Center for Community Solutions
Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) began, customers across the country have been utilizing the convenience of online shopping for more than just clothes and shoes

Poll: Virus, econ crisis drive fears of having enough to eat
AP News
Kate Maehr has never seen anything like it: lines stretching for blocks as people, many with children, inch forward to get boxes of food they hope will last until...

Job losses have now hit 40% of low-income homes
One in five American workers lost their jobs in March, including almost 40 percent of those in lower-income households...

It Shouldn’t Take A Pandemic For Us To Care About Working People And The Poor
We’ve become so accustomed to having these people work to make our lives easier that we rarely talk about them.

Time for Victory Gardens Again?
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Springtime 2020, a time that many of us will never forget. Our nation is battling a global pandemic, and most Americans are being directed to shelter at home...

Strengthening SNAP is the most effective way to address the growing hunger crisis
The Hill
Despite the escalating COVID-19-related hunger emergency facing millions of families, Congress has yet to adequately strengthen the nation's first ...

USDA approves Ohio's pandemic EBT program to help families during crisis
News 5 Cleveland
With schools in Ohio closed through the end of the school year, this will provide schools with another tool to fight hunger during this difficult time, ...

It’s not your imagination. Grocery prices are up significantly, statistics show
The Morning Call
The coronavirus pandemic has folks paying more to stock up at the grocery store and eat at home. Grocery prices saw their biggest monthly increase...

Many older adults faced food insecurity even before COVID-19
Futurity: Research News
The percentage of older adults who say they have experienced food insecurity in the past year was even higher among African American or Latino ...

94.5% of Ohio adults qualified for $1200 coronavirus checks
The Center Square
In Ohio, the average per-capita income is $31,293, with the poverty rate in the state estimated at 13.9 percent, according to 24/7 Wall St. The state's ...

Ohio reconsiders policy of kicking workers off unemployment, after hackers release code to ...
Policy Matters Ohio and the Ohio Poverty Law Center sent a letter to Gov. Mike DeWine shortly after, saying that the state's policy was too narrow and ...

An eviction crisis could be coming. Ohio's courts, and localities, need to prepare and work to ...
Most housing courts in Ohio followed state Supreme Court guidance to ... the Ohio Poverty Law Center has found: renters in federally assisted rental ...

USDA approves Ohio's pandemic EBT program to help families during crisis
News 5 Cleveland
With schools in Ohio closed through the end of the school year, this will provide schools with another tool to fight hunger during this difficult time, ...

Our community has rallied to battle the coronavirus storm together - but too many are still on unseaworthy boats
While there is no doubt that we are in a stormy COVID-19 sea, it is clear, as many have pointed out, that we are not in the same boat.

Ohio updates application process for energy assistance programs
The Daily Advocate
COLUMBUS — The Ohio Development Services Agency and Bridges ... of the federal poverty guidelines to qualify for WCP and HEAP assistance.

Business shutdowns hurt those just above the poverty line
Chicago Booth Review (blog)
This income range goes from just above the poverty line to just below the national median income—a group that Census Bureau data indicate ...

Editorial: COVID-19 pandemic worsens the housing crisis
The Columbus Dispatch
And studies have shown a gap of 54,000 affordable housing units needed in central Ohio alone, leaving poor families doubled or tripled up as they try to ...

The Hunger Pains of a Pandemic
The New York Times
Truly hungry? Not the hunger one gets in anticipation of a meal, but the kind that pinches the stomach when you know no food is forthcoming. It is the ...

SNAP Recipients Still Face Dangerous Treks to Get Food
Even as many states ease shelter-in-place regulations, older and immune-compromised food stamp recipients still can’t purchase groceries online...

What Life is Like for Millions Facing Financial Ruin During the Pandemic
A Time photo essay looks at a few of the more than 30 million people who have filed for unemployment — more than three times as many as lost...

Layoffs Start Turning From Temporary to Permanent Across America
Bloomberg Businessweek
Even as they hope for a speedy recovery, companies plan for a slow one.

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Want to Fight Rising Food Insecurity?
Civil Eats
Listen to people who’ve been hungry: As families face sudden, chronic food shortages, three researchers share lessons from hundreds of interviews...

How the Coronavirus Outbreak Punishes Many Older Workers
The unemployment rate for workers age 55+ climbed from 2.6% to 3.3% in March, according to the AARP Public Policy Institute, as job losses began.

With food insecurity on the rise, Greater Cleveland Food Bank continues to provide
News 5 Cleveland
CLEVELAND — A recent survey of mothers with children under the age of 12 found that nearly 41% are facing food insecurity since the pandemic ...

Speaker Pelosi calls for SNAP benefits to be expanded
News 5 Cleveland
An study by Feeding America found that nearly 1 in 4 children could become food insecure in the coming months. "This pandemic has brought the plight ...

The COVID-19 Pandemic Is Straining Families’ Abilities to Afford Basic Needs
Urban Institute
As it confronts the COVID-19 pandemic, the US faces what could be its worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

Ohio Should Expand Unemployment Protections Amid COVID-19: Letter
It's a choice Ohioans shouldn't be forced to make, the Ohio Poverty Law Center (OPLC) said in a letter to Gov. Mike DeWine. The group, along with ...

Rising food insecurity in America highlights the deeply partisan divide of food stamps
Baltimore Sun
New research shows a rise in food insecurity without modern precedent. ... Food Bank of North Central Ohio was distributing food at his high school.

The Number Of Mothers Reporting Food Insecurity Has Jumped More Than 200% Since Start Of ...
More than 40% of mothers with children under the age of 12 in the United States said that they have experienced food insecurity since the COVID-19 ...

As Coronavirus Spreads, People Who Rely on Food Assistance Struggle to Get Groceries Safely
When Teresa Coleman needs groceries, she has to leave her apartment complex in Decatur, Georgia, wait for a bus to arrive...

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Boys and Girls Club of Northeast Ohio launches meal program
The Morning Journal
We (the Children's Hunger Alliance) provide the shelf-stable meals and try to serve as many children as possible, Cordero said. The meals are ...

Ohio Landlords And Tenants Call For Federal Rental Assistance During Pandemic
Attorney Graham Bowman works for the Ohio Poverty Law Center, an organization that works with legal aid chapters around the state. He says without ...

Food Insecurity in the Age of COVID-19
Tufts Now
Food delivery workers and other gig economy workers are being subjected to even more income disruption and food insecurity. "Currently, we have an ...

Cuyahoga County families offered help with food, supplies, housing during coronavirus crisis
... low to moderate incomes may be eligible for help getting food, household supplies, personal-care items and housing through Cuyahoga County Job ...

Medworks' COVID-19 Relief Fund helping feed the hungry and keep restaurants afloat all at once
News 5 Cleveland
CLEVELAND — In one big effort, healthcare nonprofit Medworks is helping feed people who struggle with food insecurity while also helping ...

As Ohio economy reopens, state has no answers for many of the working poor
Ohio Capital Journal
Cases of and deaths from coronavirus continued to rise in Ohio Wednesday as state leaders begin a phased reopening of workplaces.

FRAC Advocate April 2020
Food Research & Action Center

Ohio evictions will 'spike' in coming months, activists and landlord group predict
But Rickerman also said he wasn't as fearful as the Ohio Poverty Law Center about the number of evictions Ohio will see, noting that the federal ...

It's a Bucket Brigade on a Five-Alarm Fire.' Food Banks Struggle to Keep Up With Skyrocketing ...
The Dayton, Ohio food bank where Quarles picked up her rations has also ... In 2008, 15% of U.S. householders were "food insecure," meaning they ...

Food Insecurity Skyrockets in Key Battleground State
LA Progressive (press release) (blog)
Food banks and pantries like With God's Grace are an everyday reality in Ohio, where one in seven Ohioans struggle to provide for themselves and food ...

About Half of Lower-Income Americans Report Household Job or Wage Loss Due to COVID-19
Pew Research Center
As the economic toll from the coronavirus outbreak continues to mount, a new Pew Research Center survey finds the impact is falling more heavily...

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A Gloomy Prediction on How Much Poverty Could Rise
The New York Times
Researchers at Columbia University suggest that the poverty rate may reach the highest levels in half a century, hitting African Americans and children hardest.

Commentary: How to revive Ohio's economy after pandemic
Akron Beacon Journal
Commentary: How to revive Ohio's economy after pandemic ... workers have lost their jobs, imperiling their housing, health care and food security.

Food pantries say they may have to 'ration' goods as millions file for unemployment and food prices ...
Business Insider Nordic
The coronavirus epidemic has exacerbated American hunger. ... Elsewhere, the Ohio-based Greater Cleveland pantry stopped buying peanut butter, ...

Cleveland Indians players help league-wide initiative to feed more than 4 million kids in need
News 5 Cleveland
CLEVELAND — Pitchers Shane Bieber, Brand Hand and Nick Wittgren, ... to children dealing with food insecurity due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Food Banks on the Front Lines as Ohioans Await Economic Relief
Capital and Main
One in seven Ohio residents struggle with food insecurity.

Alarms Are Sounding on Food Insecurity in the US Who's Answering the Call?
Inside Philanthropy
Before the coronavirus upended lives and livelihoods, 37 million low-income Americans were already facing food insecurity, populations that were ...

Ohio Governor signs executive order providing emergency funding for food banks
TANF supports Ohio's hunger relief network. "We are extremely grateful to Governor DeWine, Lt. Governor Husted, Ohio Department of Job and Family

Governors plead for food stamp flexibility amid pandemic
Associated Press
Yvonne Knight, who has respiratory problems that make her especially vulnerable in the coronavirus pandemic, can’t buy groceries online...

Former Browns Joe Thomas, Andrew Hawkins partner with Children’s Hunger Alliance
Former Browns left tackle Joe Thomas and former Browns wide receiver Andrew Hawkins are teaming up to raise money for...

Communities of Color at Higher Risk for Health and Economic Challenges due to COVID-19
Kaiser Family Foundation
The COVID-19 outbreak presents potential health and financial challenges for families, which may disproportionately affect communities of color...

Cleveland Indians, Meijer, Dunkin' donate over 160000 meals to the Greater Cleveland Food Bank
It is the largest hunger relief organization in Northeast Ohio having provided more than 57 million meals in FY2018 to hungry people in Cuyahoga, ...

Coronavirus: What happens to Ohioans without insurance?
The Newark Advocate
In Ohio, 468,414 have filed jobless claims over the past two weeks — 28% more than ... making up to 400% of federal poverty guidelines to buy health insurance. ... The Ohio Department of Insurance issued a directive on March 20 ...

Ohio food assistance adds additional support
Gallipolis Daily Tribune
OHIO VALLEY — Ohioans enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition ... gross monthly income is at or under 130 percent of the federal poverty guidelines.

A perfect storm': US facing hunger crisis as demand for food banks soars
The Guardian
Not even when the steel mills closed down did we see increased demand like this," said Sheila Christopher, director of Hunger-Free Pennsylvania, ...

Oprah Winfrey donates $10 million to support those facing food insecurity due to coronavirus
New York Daily News
Oprah Winfrey has revealed on Instagram that she'll give a million-dollar donation to the charity America's Food Fund (AFF), and $9 million will be ...

UVM Survey Explores the Coronavirus and Food Insecurity
Seven Days
From people stockpiling food to changes in programs "that help alleviate food insecurity," to more people possibly experiencing food insecurity due to ...

Food banks sought relaxed federal rules to minimize contact. The USDA has stalled those requests, officials say.
The Washington Post
As hours-long lines form at food banks across the country, the staff members and volunteers handing over emergency staples have been required...

Covid-19 has forced food banks to upend their operations—almost overnight
The Counter
In normal times, the food bank operates almost like a grocery store, inviting clients inside to select their own food...

Should You Avoid the Grocery Store Today to Help SNAP Recipients? It’s Complicated.
Mother Jones
In less than a single month, the coronavirus pandemic has completely altered the day-to-day lives of millions of Americans.

Coronavirus Proposals Leave the Disability Community Behind
Center for American Progress
There are 61 million people with disabilities in the United States. One-third of U.S. households have people with disabilities...

‘If coronavirus doesn’t get us, starvation will’
The Washington Post
She was running out of food, but Patricia Brown had to wait.

Congress Approves Boost In Food Aid For Seniors But Funding Falls Short Of Growing Need
Kaiser Health News
Advocates for senior citizens hailed the bipartisan passage of a federal bill that calls for boosting money for nutrition programs so that fewer...

Faith organizations call on Congress to prioritize the needs of the poor in responding to coronavirus
American Friends Service Committee
The coronavirus outbreak, or COVID-19, has shaken countries around the world and threatens a recession. Uncertainty grows as communities are struggling...

Column: Leaving seniors to fend for themselves during pandemic ‘has cost lives’
LA Times
At age 90, Paula Stewart has lived a long and colorful life. She appeared on Broadway with Lucille Ball. She was married to composer...

Ohio National Guard helping Freestore Foodbank distribute food
WKRC TV Cincinnati
CINCINNATI (WKRC) – Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley says he's still committed to lifting thousands of Cincinnatians out of poverty – and he believes ...

Poverty is the virus that puts us at COVID-19 risk
But the reality of poverty in this country means half of us do not have the resources to prepare. William J. Barber, II and Mitch Landrieu. Opinion ...

Who is most at risk in the coronavirus crisis: 24 million of the lowest-income workers
This week, unemployment claims soared as state and federal officials restricted public gatherings and shuttered stores to prevent the spread of the COVID-19.

The best shelf-stable foods to keep on hand in the event of a quarantine
Business Insider
In the wake of the spread of the novel coronavirus, people around the world are dealing with the possibility they could face time under quarantine.

Ohio needs emergency health & human services Coronavirus policy changes
The Center for Community Solutions
In light of the first, and hopefully only, global pandemic in our lives, my colleagues and I, with help from others, have pulled together a list...

Preventing social isolation when the senior center closes
The Center for Community Solutions
Governor Mike DeWine announced that all senior centers must close by the end of the day on Monday, March 23, 2020. Even before...

A tough life made harder: Coronavirus shutdowns limit options for Cleveland’s homeless
CLEVELAND, Ohio — The pavement in front of 2100 Lakeside Ave. is still wet from the Friday morning rain. The sun is just starting to brighten as men stream out...

What coronavirus means for food insecurity
The Hill (blog)
Food insecurity is already more widespread in this country than most know. On a daily basis, one in seven households with children are affected by ...

For millions of low-income seniors, coronavirus is a food-security issue
Brookings Institution (blog)
The scale of economic insecurity among older adults in the U.S. often goes unnoticed. Millions have trouble affording food and spend more than 30% of ...

Using Quality Measures in Food Security, SDOH Programming
March 16, 2020 - Food insecurity is a multi-million-dollar problem in the United States, impacting nearly 14.3 million individuals at just over $1,800 per ...

Ohio Schools Mobilize to Fight Hunger During Coronavirus Shutdown
Cleveland Scene
Hunger-relief organizations largely rely on older adult volunteers, who currently are most at risk in the pandemic. Novotny said they are asking younger ...

Fighting Hunger with Community in the Era of Coronavirus
Civil Eats
But that doesn't mean people have to go hungry. Even before this virus hit, food banks and pantries were struggling to meet the needs of an estimated ...

How to Safely Feed Food-Insecure Seniors During a Pandemic
Civil Eats
The challenge is striking a balance between food security and coronavirus prevention, especially among the most vulnerable populations.

Robert Rector and Jamie Hall: Find a better way to measure poverty
Chippewa Herald
The Census Bureau recently solicited advice on ways to develop more accurate measurements of poverty — a much-needed change. Year after year ...

For Urban Poor, the Coronavirus Complicates Existing Health Risks
The New York Times
... of families live in poverty, compared with 10.4 percent statewide. The median household income is $53,000, a quarter lower than the state's median.

When Inhumanity 'Trumps' a Fundamental Basic Need to Live and Learn
Diverse: Issues in Higher Education
They reside in food deserts and attend schools where breakfast and lunch are ... The income qualification is based on the outdated federal poverty line – a flat ... I am a witness, having resided in Cleveland and East Cleveland, Ohio. ... on the use of the word "hunger" in connection with food insecurity.

Center for Community Solutions Report: Poverty Levels in Cuyahoga County
The Pantry at All Saints
Out thanks to Joseph Ahern at The Center for Community Solutions for presenting this important information from the U.S. Census Bureau. It helps us to understand the challenges we face in Cuyahoga County.

Who Are the Millions Who Receive Nutrition Assistance?
United States Census Bureau
Older families are more likely to receive community-based nutrition assistance while younger families rely more on other government programs, according to a new U.S. Census Bureau brief.

16 US cities where making minimum wage no longer covers the median cost of rent
Since 2011, rent prices in the U.S. have increased by 2% to 4% each year. As a result, city dwellers who earn minimum wage are finding it more difficult than ever to afford their rent.

Right to counsel offers justice for Cleveland's low-income renters
FreshWater Cleveland
Eviction devastates families, tearing them from homes and disrupting entire communities. Cuyahoga County records 20,000 evictions annually...

Tackling Senior Poverty
Irene Morey begins each day with tai chi — arms flowing while gentle acoustic music plays from her television. Morey celebrated her 104th birthday ...

The Poverty Line Matters, But It Isn't Capturing Everyone It Should
Center For American Progress
Despite being one of the most crucial measures of economic well-being and deprivation, the official poverty measure—also known as the federal poverty ...

Poverty can silence people's voices
Beckley Register-Herald
I know what poverty looks like. I have seen section 8 and food stamps and raising kids alone and with only loose change. They were my friends.

Poverty Is All About Personal Stress, Not Laziness
Bloomberg Opinion
The nature of poverty in rich countries has changed. The sort of material deprivation common in developing nations is effectively a thing of the past.

Why more older workers are finding themselves unemployed as retirement approaches
PBS NewsHour
Many Americans plan to save for retirement in their 50s. But what happens if you're laid off at that age instead?

Parma Is Cuyahoga's Second Largest City In Population As Well As In Need
The Pantry at All Saints
Parma, Ohio, Cuyahoga county's second largest city, with a population of 80,088, is also second in the number of people who live at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level...

OPINION: Food insecurity doesn't affect just them, it affects us all
Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service
Imagine a country where 11% of all households are food insecure and one in seven children don't know where their next meal will come from. Are you ...

United Way fights Cleveland’s poverty crisis head on
FreshWater Cleveland
Cleveland is in crisis, according to the United Way of Greater Cleveland—a poverty crisis—and the organization and a network of area partners will do something about it.

United Way of Greater Cleveland to create partner network to address poverty crisis
Crain’s Cleveland Business
In the final step of its three-year strategic plan, United Way of Greater Cleveland is planning to create a concentrated network of public, private and nonprofit sector partners...

For children, food insecurity means not only hunger but also stress, sadness
University of Michigan News
ANN ARBOR—Parents who experience food insecurity might think they're protecting their children from their family's food situation by eating less or ...

10 Facts Every Candidate Should Know About Hunger
Food Research & Action Center
More than 37 million Americans live in households that struggle against hunger, and nearly 1 in 7 households with children cannot afford to buy ...