COVID19 Events

While we continue to distribute food, our clothing distribution and soup kitchen are suspended during the pandemic.
We continue to welcome walk-ups! People on foot will be able to enter the lot through the southern-most driveway, nearest to Day Drive/North Church. This driveway is closed to vehicle traffic. Please see map below.
In order to enforce social distancing, we have converted to a drive-through style distribution. The procedure is described below. If you plan to come for food, please read this carefully:
  • We are distributing food from the parking lot of Parma Heights Baptist Church, our next door neighbor (8971 West Ridgewood Drive, Parma Heights).
  • Cars enter the parking lot from PHBC'S West Ridgewood driveway, just to the west of All Saints' driveway. Volunteers will guide your car to the food, and then back out to the street. Walkers will enter the parking lot from PHBC's southern Ames Road driveway. The distribution begins at approximately 9:30 AM.
  • Please have your drivers license ready to show our registration volunteers.
  • When cars pull up to the food line, we will ask you to pop your trunk so we can put food in your trunk. Please clean out your trunk before you come. If your trunk doesn't open, we will put the food in your back seat.
  • Walkers: Please wear face masks and stay at least 6 feet from other people.

New Income Eligibility Guidelines