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Parma Is Cuyahoga's Second Largest City In Population As Well As In Need

Jeffrey Fowler Parma, Ohio, Cuyahoga county's second largest city 1 , with a population of 80,088 2 , is also second in the number of people who live at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level, 23,060 people, which means they are eligible to receive food bank benefits. The map above, created from data from the United States Census Bureau and The Center of Community Solutions 3 , depicts the number of people in most Cuyahoga towns (as well as  Cleveland neighborhoods near Parma) who are eligible for food bank benefits. The number of people who actually receive benefits is much lower, In Cleveland 231,229 People Are Eligible That's right: 10 times as many people in Cleveland are eligible for food bank benefits compared to Parma. The two Cleveland neighborhoods closest to Parma, Old Brooklyn and Bellaire-Puritas, account for 14,869 and 7,701, respectively, of Cleveland's total, which is about 500 fewer people than Parma. As we can see in the Cleveland Nei