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Is Living Near a Grocery Store More Important than The Price of Food?

Parma, Ohio Parma is certainly not a food desert. However, mobile pantries, locations that distribute fresh produce to low-income families, are thriving here. Why is that? Map courtesy of Cuyahoga County Board of Health (2017) I have been curious about this phenomenon for a long time.  Over the last five years, I have asked many people who come to The Pantry at All Saints why they don't just buy produce in one of the many local supermarkets. The answer is always the same: fresh produce is too expensive. Tell me about it. For many years, organizations working in hunger outreach have decried the existence of "food deserts' as a major cause of poor nutrition in our communities. Although I agree that food accessibility is a problem, I think that food affordability is a greater problem. The following article, published by The New Food Economy, came across my desk today. It discusses a recent study that confirms my suspicions. Does this ring true to you as well? Ar